3D Print; Howto remove broken filament

Problem to solve for 3D printer:

Filament was broken inside the Bowden tube during a print.

My printer is Creality Ender 3s (or Ender 3 Pro). Maybe the tension on the filament spool was so tight caused filament broken inside the tube.

How to remove the broken filament:

  1. Turn on Ender 3s 
  2. Adjust nozzle temperature to 210 degree Celsius (keep it at 210 degree the whole time)

    From main menu -> Control -> Temperature -> Set it to 210
  3. Raise the Z axis to see the nozzle from below
  4. Remove the nozzle with a wrench. Remember the nozzle is heated at 210 degree; it's super hot!  It's better to use a socket wrench to remove the nozzle.

  5. Cut the end of filament flat and then push it through Bowden tube, until the broken filament is pushed out of the Bowden tube.
  6. Use the socket wrench to screw the nozzle back to the printer. 
  7. Be sure the nozzle is really tight and level the bed before try to return nozzle back to home.  Here is what happened to my magnetic bed! (see below)  I forgot to level the bed and hit the HOME command, then the nozzle scratched it badly! (The photo shown was after I cut the scratched part off the bed.)
  8. Readjust the bed with paper method
  9. Done.


==== 中文版 ====



我的3D印表機是 Creality Ender 3s(或Ender 3 Pro)。 可能是我把線材軸上放在地上, 造成它的張力過,導致線材在送料管內斷裂。


  1. 打開 Ender 3s 電源
  2. 將噴嘴溫度調到210度(一直保持在210度)

  3. 用手旋轉Z軸,從下方看噴嘴
  4. 用扳手慢慢的轉下噴嘴。 注意: 噴嘴已加熱到210度,超級熱! 最好使用套筒扳手轉下噴嘴。

  5. 將新的線材剪平,然後將它推入送料管中,用新的線材推出斷的線材,一直到把斷掉的線材從送料管裡面推出來。
  6. 使用套筒扳手將噴嘴擰回到印表機上。
  7. 請確保將噴嘴確實擰緊並請整印表磁床的水平。
    我在還沒有調整水平時, 就去按下HOME 的指令! 然後噴嘴就嚴重刮傷了我的磁床!
  8. 採用紙張的方式重新調整磁床水平
  9. 大功告成


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