MIT App Inventor 2 - Voice Recognition

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Hi Guys, I wished you all had a happy holidays!

It's been a while since I published my last tutorial.  This morning, when I checked MIT App Inventor 2 web editor, I found few new interesting new components.

One of them specially caught my eyes is the "SpeechRecognizer" under Media block.
Checked the explanation on the right, I decided to do a quick test on this new component.

What I want to do here is very simple:
  1. Click "Speak" button to talk to the App
  2. The App send the voice to SpeechRecognizer 
  3. The App then show the particular sentence into a Text next to "You've said"

Here is the Screen1 Layout:
Here are all the components I've used in this tutorial, a button, two labels, and SpeechRecognizer1 component as shown below.

Here are the programming blocks. Only few blocks to get the Speech Recognizer to work. I was very surprised!

First, initial varibles and text to blank or "".

Secondly, when "SpeakBTN" clicked, just call "SpeechRecognizer1" to GetText. 

After get your Voice to Text, just set it to label.

Well, that's all need you do do the complete Voice Recognizer App.
See the YouTube Video for the demo below.

I guess you might want to give it a try now!

The End.

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距離上次我發布新的教學已經有一段時間 了。這個早上,我在查看MIT App Inventor 2時



  1. 按下「說話按鈕」後對他說話
  2. 程式把你說的話丟給聲音辨識系統
  3. 辨識完後再將你說的話顯示出來

Here is the Screen1 Layout: