Arduino - Better way to manage Wi-Fi SSID & Password

Have you met this problem before? You are making an fantastic Arduino IoT project. However, in the code, Wi-Fi SSID and Password were hard-coded and the only way to change these is to edit the code and re-upload the code to Arduino. At home, this is okay, since you Wi-Fi SSID and password will not change frequently.

Let’s say you bring this project to a friend place or a venue to demo. And you didn’t know the Wi-Fi SSID nor the password beforehand. Then, you need to bring your computer to change SSID and password and re-upload to Arduino. 

Is there a way to get rid this problem? Yes! The answer is use Arduino Wifimanager library.

Please see the video below to learn how to do this!

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Arduino -  更方便的管理 Arduino Wi-Fi SSID & Password

你一定遇到過這個問題! 你正在製作一個夢幻般的Arduino物聯網專案。 但是,在代碼中,Wi-Fi SSID和密碼是直接寫入的,更改這些代碼的唯一方法是編輯程式碼並將它重新上傳到Arduino。 在家裡,這沒關係,因為這個Wi-Fi SSID和密碼不會變更

假設您將此項目帶到朋友的家裡或演示場所。 而且您事先並不知道Wi-Fi SSID和密碼。這時候,您就要使用到電腦更改SSID和密碼並重新上傳到Arduino, 是不是很麻煩呢? 。

有沒有辦法擺脫這個問題? 有的! 答案是使用Arduino Wifimanager程式庫。


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