Another Arduino Editor - Sublime 2 Text for Mac

P.S: This tutorial was written back in 2014 and here is the English version.

I just started to learn Arduino and found out its IDE is not best one available; the fonts are not clear and quite small, no line numbers(V1.6 has line number now, Ya!!), and no being able to refer to variables during coding and no auto-complete funcationality.

After few search⋯⋯I found Sublime 2 + Stino plugin

If you are using a Mac and you do not like Arduino IDE, then you should give this editor a try:
 Sublime 2 + Stino plugin

  1. Download and install  Sublime 2 Text from here http://www.sublimetext.com/2
  2. Download latest Stino plugin:https://github.com/Robot-Will/Stino Just checked, the latest plugin was released in July-2015  
  3. Start  Sublime 2 Text application
  4. Select [Preference] -> [Browse Packages...]
  5. Uncompress "new-stino.zip" and place unzipped file into "packages" folder
  6. Close Sublime 2 Text application
  7. Re-start Sublime 2 Text application
  8. Setup type of your Arduino board by Select [Arduino] -> [Board]: The Arduino board I am using is Arduino Mini Pro, so I just select Arduino Mini Pro
  9. Setting the Serial Port by select [Arduino] -> [Board] -> [Serial Port]:In my case my serial port is located at  /dev/tty.usbserial-FTX1JDSJ
  10. Done.
Now you can try to open Arduino sample Blink for Sublime text to compile. Select [Arduino]-> [Samples]-> [01. Baisc]  -> [Blink()] , then try to  [Compile] / [Upload]. If you couldn't successfully compile or upload, there must be some steps missing or something wrong. Try to repeat the installation process again.

Below screenshot is from Sublime 2 Text Editor and as you can see it looks much better as well as it provide auto-complete and finding the variables you use in your projects.  Now, give it a try!

P.S: After installation, you must select the correct type of Arduino board AND correct Serial Port or the compile will fail!!

Enjoy it!

Arduino 好用編輯器 Sublime 2 Text for Macbook 

最近在學 Arduino 發現它的編輯器實在是字體不清楚,又難用。

所以⋯⋯我找到了 Sublime 2 + Stino plugin  。

若你是使用Mac的人,覺得 Arduino 的編輯器不好看也不好用的的人可以試試
 Sublime 2 + Stino plugin

  1. 下載並安裝 Sublime 2 Text http://www.sublimetext.com/2
  2. 下載 Stino plugin:https://github.com/Robot-Will/Stino 剛剛看的,最新版在2015年7月更新的。
    經常看一下Stino 網址,看它有沒有更新:  https://github.com/Robot-Will/Stino
  3. 開啟 Sublime 2 Text
  4. 選擇 Preference -> Browse Packages...
  5. 把 new-stino.zip 解壓縮後,放到 packages 的資料夾內
  6. 關閉 Sublime 2 Text
  7. 重新開啟 Sublime 2 Text
  8. 設定你的 Arduino 板子, 選擇 Arduino -> Board: 我的板子是 Arduino mini Pro 
  9. 設定 Serial Port, 選擇 Arduino -> Board -> Serial Port:我的是 /dev/tty.usbserial-FTX1JDSJ
  10. 完成
你可以試著從 Arduino-> Samples-> 01. Baisc  -> Blink() 打開, 並試著 Compile / Upload, 若無法成功執行,表示你的設定過程序有問題...再試試上面步驟看看!

Sublime 2 Text 的編輯器長的像底下這樣, 好看多了...

P.S: 安裝完後,一定要選對你使用的 Arudino 板子,不然會 compile error!
像我是用 Arduino mini pro Atmeg32 5V 32bit的

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